Arkansas Rental Dealers Association

The Arkansas Rental Dealers Association (ARDA) was established in April 1987 as a non-profit organization. Since that time we have grown both in membership and knowledge in our fast moving industry. We work to improve the public perception of the rental-purchase industry through networking, education, and legislative vigilance.

What We Do

Promote and advance the mutual interests of our members

Provide a forum of networking with Vendors and other Rental Dealers

Keep members abreast of all the latest product offerings and legislation that affects our industry

Give members an opportunity to grow and learn from the success of their peers

Educate our customers on the benefits and advantages of rent-to-own purchases

Promote ethical practices and goodwill within the rental-purchase industry

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Frequently Asked Questions
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Doesn’t rental-purchase cost a lot more than retail?

Rental-purchase costs include charges for services and options not offered in a traditional retail transaction. The many benefits listed above cause operating expenses to be higher for rental-purchase than for retail. The rental customer gets what he or she pays for: more service, more options, no debt, and more convenience than retail can offer. In most cases, retail will be less expensive but it is not an accurate comparison due to the many differences between retail and rental-purchase.

Are there hidden charges in renting?

Your total merchandise cost is computed for you before you sign any rental agreement. In addition, retail pricing is available for comparison. Currently, 45 states regulate the rental-purchase transaction with laws designed to protect the consumer. Additional charges apply for reinstatement and in-home payment pick-up. These charges are clearly outlined in the rental-purchase agreement and explained at the time you begin your rental. Optional insurance and “club” benefits are also offered but are not required.

Who are typical rental-purchase customers?

Statistics indicate that many rental-purchase customers are homeowners, and some are married with children. Customers include students, temporarily assigned business executives, military personnel, and in-transit individuals and families. Lots of people use rental-purchase, and all customers have one thing in common: they have immediate needs but can’t or don’t want to accept long-term obligations. Some customers have no access to credit arrangements, while others may only need the merchandise for a limited amount of time.

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